The Black Agenda

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Why a "Black Agenda"?

After 400 years of living in this country we still find ourselves oppressed and enslaved. Time may have passed, names may have changed, but the fabric of slavery and institutions of oppression not only remain, but are thriving


We must understand that its is only through our unapologetic unity that we can leverage our political and economic power to not only respond to the issues plaguing us, but more importantly, liberate ourselves and our future generations.


Now is the time we begin the process of tearing down and ripping apart these held over elements of subjugation that have been harassing our communities since the arrival of violent Europeans to this land

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                    HOSTED BY

Mechee X

Michael Imhotep

Que Butter

Young activist

City and Agenda
New Orleans       May 16/17  Los Angeles                 Jun 6/7
Memphis                       Jun 27/28
Baltimore                      July 18/19
St. Louis                         Aug 1/2
Charlotte                       Aug  22/23
Philly                                Sept 12/13
Jacksonville                    Oct 3/4
Birmingham             Oct 24/25
Fort Worth                  Nov 7/8

Saturday 10:00a - 4:00p | Conference

"Doors open at 9:00am" 

It's time to get free! Together we can:

  • Build our community 

  • Buy Back our Blocks 

  • Educate our Children 

  • Leverage our Political Power & 

  • Shift the Black Narrative

  Conference Agenda

  • Doors Open/Registration/Vendors 

  • Morning Speakers 

  • Lunch/Vendors 

  • Afternoon Speakers 

  • Community Give Back 

  • Panel


Saturday 6:00p - 9:00p | VIP  

Join MecheeX and other conference speakers for food and conversations. VIP is very limited to allow you the time to get your questions answered and spend time with the speakers.

Sunday 10:00a - 4:00p | Solution Sessions

"Doors open at 9:00am"

  • Home-Schooling

  • Relationship and Community Support Group

  • Youth Think Tanks

  • Self Defense 

  • 2nd Amendment Rights

  • Organizational Training / Action Groups

  • Conditioning / How To Think Like The Enemy

  • Gardening / Herbalist

  • Credit Repair

        What is the Black Agenda Movement

It’s time to get free! And in order to accomplish that, we must present a unified agenda - The Black Agenda Movement.


Today, the most significant indicators related to economic success show massive gaps in outcomes for Black communities.  

The Black Agenda Movement Tour is engaging Black communities in the types of conversations and collaborations needed to adopt a unified agenda that empowers our communities to thrive and succeed.  

The Black Agenda Movement will layout the 5 primary areas where we are under attack and how we can fight back:  

Physical - Police brutality, privatized prison system, poisoning our water and food, healthcare and other issues that affect our physical wellbeing.  

Mental - Trauma from the continual conditioning and propaganda through music and media and the stigma of mental health in the community.  

Education - Miseducation of our children, the white-washing and erasure of our identity and our knowledge of self.  

Economic - Lack of ownership and economic leverage necessary to build thriving communities.  

Political - Lack of a political Agenda and the knowledge to apply pressure and leverage to the systems that affect our day to day lives.


                                                 We’re not asking for freedom. We’re taking it.